Donation Guidelines

You may donate up to a maximum of $1200 to the JD Meaney election campaign

You are an individual who is a resident of Ontario. Donations are only permitted from individuals and their personal accounts. You are not a corporation or trade union.

If you are a resident of Oakville and have donated $100 or more, you will receive a receipt that will qualify you for a rebate of 50% of your contribution. More details on rebate program are available at Campaign Contribution Rebate Program.

 The donation can be made by e-transfer to my campaign email which is which will be deposited in my designated Election Campaign Bank Account with the Royal Bank of Canada. The maximum donation is $1,200.00. 

Thank-you for your generous support.

JD Meaney

Regional Councillor Candidate, Ward 1, Oakville.

Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

Please send your email transfer donation to

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