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We are reaching out to residents of Ward One as we build our platform to reflect the issues that matter most to you. In this way we can best represent what matters most to all people living in Ward One. We invite you to contact us.

Six incumbents were acclaimed in Oakville for this municipal election. That's six far too many. Perhaps I am one of the few who will inspire others to step forward and join us in making a difference. It is our first move towards a real check and balance council here in Oakville.

I am proud of the citizens who have stood up and are ready to take on the establishment and bring on real change. Municipal politics will impact you directly greater than anything, as it is in your own front yard. My commitments will be to my constituents, even if we disagree. I will serve the people of Oakville, honourably. I will make a difference as a Regional Councillor. We oversee public health, emergency services, waste management, zoning, construction and more.

I will have a voice on the Oakville council and will not be pressured into voting a certain way which compromises my moral values! I believe I am a fresh new start for our community.

To ensure this all happens you can get involved and assist us in our efforts. I invite you to volunteer, make a donation and take a lawn sign to show your support.

A Fresh Start! Let's Do It!

JD Meaney
Candidate Regional Councillor Ward One